Join Our Department


We very much welcome new members to join our fire and medical team .

1). Come to a regular business meeting. Business meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month @ 8:00.  (meal at 7:00)
2). Receive, Read & Sign and Application. (All applicants are required to read the bylaws and SOP’s prior to  signing the applications.)

All new applications will be reviewed and voted on the following business meeting. To receive an application before a meeting contact an officer.

Requirements in our bylaws are state below:

SECTION 3. Membership Requirements Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older, possessing a high school diploma or GED, of good character and meeting statutory requirements may apply for membership in the Department..
An active member in good standing with the Department must sponsor all applicants for membership.
All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary.
Approval by a majority of the members present at any regular monthly meeting shall constitute acceptance for probationary status
Upon approval of an application by the membership, the Secretary of the Department shall notify the Wood River City Council in writing. After a successful probationary period the membership shall vote again to transition a probationary member to the status of active or associate.